Australia Immigration Under Skilled Independent Visa

The most sought-after visa among the Australian immigrants is Skilled Independent Visa or subclass 189 visa. The Skilled Independent Visa for Australia is for those eligible skilled workers who are neither nominated by any territory or state nor sponsored by a family member or Australian employer. Obtaining this visa totally depends on a point-based system. Once it is obtained, the visa holder and his family members can reside permanently in Australia.

Requirements for Skilled Independent Visa:

To obtain a Skilled Independent Visa for Australia, the applicant must:

1. Have valid certificates of health and character.
2. Doing a job which is present in Skilled Occupation List of Australia.
3. Score at least 60 points in the point-based test. The points are allocated on the profile of the applicant on the basis of the factors such as age, English language proficiency, and work experience.
4. Have scored at least 6 bands in each of the four test components in the IELTS test.
5. Submit an EOI (Expression of Interest) and be invited by the Australian immigration authority to apply.
6. Not be above the age of 45.

Application procedure for Subclass 189 Visa:

1. Through SkillSelect, the applicant must submit an EOI (Expression of Interest).
2. SkillSelect will give rank to the applicant’s profile based on the points he scores.
3. Based on the ranking of the applicant and the places availability for his/her nominated occupation, the applicant will be sent an ITA (invitation to apply) for the visa application.
4. Within 60 days of receiving the invitation, the applicant will have to apply for a visa.
5. The total time for application processing is eight months.

Benefits of Subclass 189 Visa

A Skilled Independent Visa holder and his/her accompanying family members enjoy following benefits:

1. Social security benefits.
2. The right to live and work in Australia permanently.
3. The right to study in Australia from primary school to postgraduate level.
4. Eligible to apply for Australian citizenship [provided they meet all the requirements].
5. Sponsoring a family member to stay permanently or temporarily in Australia.
6. Freedom to travel in and outside Australia as many times within five years after obtaining the visa.
7. Healthcare facilities are being provided by the government at subsidized rates.


The Benefits Of Skilled Independent Visa For Australia

The Skilled Independent Visa for Australia can be acquired by you with the due consultancy of some of the Best Immigration Consultant(s) in Delhi.

Australia is one country that is largely thronged by Indians every year. People from the nook and corners of India every year make it to the immigration list of Indians shifting to Australia. One prime reason why Indians like to immigrate to Australia is that the country is economically very sound. So, if you get hired by an Australian company it can do wonders for you to develop a better and prosperous future. Not only will you get a good salary but the associated benefits are also numerous in number. With Australian economy booming and with the country having a sound political and social life too many Indians like to immigrate to Australia. Some of the Best Immigration Consultant(s) in Delhi can make your immigration process extremely simple. They can help you in acquiring the Skilled Independent Visa for Australia in just no time, and with the least amount of botheration.

The Skilled Independent Visa for Australia entitles you for a number of Australian benefits. Primary among them is that you can continue to live and work in Australia on a permanent basis. You can improve your educational qualifications if you like by taking admission in an Australian University. This can help you in getting you a new job that pays you more than your previous one. You can get Medicare facilities at subsided rates will help you hugely in saving money. After spending a specified time in Australia you are eligible to sponsor a family member. Your spouse gets the eligible to apply for an Australian job, which may not be on the specific occupation list for overseas citizens. If you have children they can get absolutely free education like that availed by native Australians.

With Best Immigration Consultant in Delhi services you can make your career and future bright by getting the Skilled Independent Visa for Australia.