Canadian Experience Class: Migrate To The Maple Land

Canada Immigration initiated a new class of immigration several years back and is known as the Canadian experience class. This class of Canadian immigration accepts applications from all the international students who are studying in Canada and from the temporary workers deployed in Canada who have appropriate Canadian work experience.


One of the major benefits of this class of migration is that an individual is permitted to apply for the permanent residency even with his staying in Canada.

Individual becoming permanent resident under this class definitely does not face any hassles or trouble getting jobs in Canada or adjusting to the Canadian life and culture all because they are already living in the country.

Citizenship and Immigration signifies that the Canada Experience Class should put in to other proposals employed to recognize the labor market demands and to assist in the incorporation of newcomers to Canada. One such proposal is the Foreign Credentials Referral program. Under this, immigrants can find the useful jobs in their field of expertise. The credentials are required to be assessed. Getting the credentials assessed does not guarantee a job. Employers look for the experience, skill level, expertise; chances are employers may disregard the resume depending on it being over-qualified for the job.

The Canadian Experience class makes sure that the person looking for the permanent residency is well versed with the Canadian work culture or education. This class of immigration to Canada ensures prosperity and success to the immigrant’s life. To know about the Canada express entry or for any assistance feel free to visit and contact at


Become A Permanent Resident With Canadian Express Entry Canadian Experience Class

As a temporary foreign worker, it becomes easier to have a Canadian immigration. Canadian work experience already signifies that you are settled in Canadian society and have established an important network with the communities and careers environment.

The application for Canadian experience class goes through the selection system of Express Entry to have immigration. Hence, this immigration process is also called Canada Express Entry Canadian Experience Class.

An eligible candidate must make an expression of interest to have immigration for Canada. Here, a candidate needs to create a profile with Express Entry and receive an invitation to apply. However, an applicant must need to meet some requirements.

Requirements needed for an applicant:

• An applicant must have an experience of one year as a skilled professional or technical professional in Canada within three years of application date.

• Depending on the level of job, a candidate needs to meet or exceed a Canadian Language benchmark of five initial intermediate or a seven intermediate proficiency.

• An individual having work experience in Quebec and want to reside there, may also apply to the Quebec Experience Class.

An applicant can remain in Canada while going through the application process. However, the Canadian Experience Class is also eligible when they are not present there in Canada. They only need to submit their application within three years before leaving their Canadian job.

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