Get The Best Canada Immigration Consultant In Delhi

There are many reasons why people want to move to Canada. Well, most of the people immigrate in hopes to living a better standard of life, better career opportunities, some want to give their children wonderful education opportunities that may not be readily available in their own country. There are some people that are situated in a war-torn country where the fear of their security and want to live in a peaceful place so they decided to immigrate. If your family or a partner lives in Canada then also you can relocate to another country and this process called Spouse sponsorship. If any individual wants to gain work experience then they can settle there.

When it comes to quality of lifestyle then Canada is one of the best countries. Having a stable economy, world-class infrastructure, a friendly environment, and many other facilities that can attract foreign people to settle here and work for the development of the country. The government administration provides many benefits that can also encouraging immigration level to meet the countries needs. Moving to Canada is not an easy task as it looks. There are various stages of the entire process which includes filling the application process, documentation, interview test and many more. It is also important to get approval in a visa application process for the first time.

So, the Canada immigration consultants in Delhi are the needs for every applicant. It helps to make the easy and reliable move at an affordable price. They can avoid all further delays in the processing of visa application and quickly complete the entire task on the client’s behalf. The immigration consultant has many years of experience in this field that can help to manage the entire task in any situation. You need to coordinate with them so that they can easily accomplish all tasks and provide you a visa of your desired country. You need to provide the required documents whenever they are asked for.


Make You Immigration Process Easier While Hiring Best Agents-Delhi

It is a difficult decision to move to the new country and leave your own country. Once you make a decision, you want to process it to the next level. You want to process to go as smoothly and reliable as soon as possible. Unfortunately, immigration application is difficult to understand in detail and have many technicians to keep in mind. The first thing you have to apply for the country visa where you want to go. It can be difficult to lodge your application by yourself and become time-consuming. There is a chance of rejection because sometimes, you can forget few things to complete the process.

For this, you have to look for best immigration agents in Delhi who provide you the amazing services and make your entire process reliable and easier. Immigration agents are the one who will help to guide you to complete the process effectively. The agents are fully trained and experience in this field and help many immigrants to move to the desired country successfully. There are many immigration agents are available in Delhi and it’s difficult to find the best one of all. There are many things which you check while hiring immigration agents.

Firstly, you need to check that the agents are registered and work legally in the company. You can find the best agents on the Internet. You can make a list of best agents and contact them so that, you have a rough idea about the agents are genuine or not. You have to schedule the face to face meeting to discuss the entire process and you can ask several questions about their services to get clear in mind. You can also ask about the cost of the services if it’s come into your budget and satisfied in all another way then go ahead for next process.


How To Ease Visa Process With Immigration Consultants

Every individual have their own priorities and choices. Sometimes they are restricted to our own country and sometimes people do prefer going foreign countries. There are several factors which compels a person to migrate. It can be for higher education, it can be for getting better medical aid, it can be for relocation purpose as well. But going abroad is not that easy as it needs lot of paper work and other formalities, about which one might not be aware of. In such scenarios to smoothen the process one can take the help of immigration consultant. There are several countries where people want to migrate like it can be Canada, Germany, Denmark, New Zealand, Australia and many others. In such circumstances, to enjoy a hassle free process people look forward to acquire the help of Consultants. For instance- Australia Immigration Consultants in Delhi are one of the most preferred service providers.

From the inception of a visa process till its end, it should be properly planned and executed. But as we are not professionals, it will be something very complicated and tedious for us. When we talk about abroad whether a need is personal or professional, we have numerous queries in our mind for which we are seeking an appropriate solution or we can say an answer. Here comes immigration consultant in picture as they can provide us with the perfect solutions. Apart from this, if you in a perplexed situation while opting a visa you can ask for recommendations from the professionals.

The best part of their service is their post landing benefits that will surely work as an add on advantage for an individual. There is no. of problems with which a person gets familiar when visit to a new country. To ease your problems they can assist you with accommodation, pick up services and in your job search as well. The professionals dealing in such services strive hard to assist their customers in best manner like Australia Immigration Consultants in Delhi are doing great job to keep up the pace of their services and make the things better for their clients.

If you are also seeking forward for any such help you can get in touch with WVP International. They are one of the leading service providers enriched with qualified immigration consultants. They can aid you with work visa, study visa and many other types of visa for various countries. So now it has become easy to follow your dreams and fulfill them.

Canadian Experience Class: Migrate To The Maple Land

Canada Immigration initiated a new class of immigration several years back and is known as the Canadian experience class. This class of Canadian immigration accepts applications from all the international students who are studying in Canada and from the temporary workers deployed in Canada who have appropriate Canadian work experience.


One of the major benefits of this class of migration is that an individual is permitted to apply for the permanent residency even with his staying in Canada.

Individual becoming permanent resident under this class definitely does not face any hassles or trouble getting jobs in Canada or adjusting to the Canadian life and culture all because they are already living in the country.

Citizenship and Immigration signifies that the Canada Experience Class should put in to other proposals employed to recognize the labor market demands and to assist in the incorporation of newcomers to Canada. One such proposal is the Foreign Credentials Referral program. Under this, immigrants can find the useful jobs in their field of expertise. The credentials are required to be assessed. Getting the credentials assessed does not guarantee a job. Employers look for the experience, skill level, expertise; chances are employers may disregard the resume depending on it being over-qualified for the job.

The Canadian Experience class makes sure that the person looking for the permanent residency is well versed with the Canadian work culture or education. This class of immigration to Canada ensures prosperity and success to the immigrant’s life. To know about the Canada express entry or for any assistance feel free to visit and contact at

The Need For The Best Immigration Agents

Moving to a foreign land needs lots of planning and preparations, ranging from securing financial support to getting a valid visa passport. The Immigration agents play a significant role in assisting the people comprehend and act in accordance with the legal requirements and actions. In addition, the alterations in immigration laws have turned out to be pretty common. A trained and professional immigration agent can always assist you in getting your needs and recommend the best way put for achieving the success in visa processing.

Problems of an unregistered agent:

This entire journey of an immigration process proves to be magnificent and exciting for some whereas for others it turns out to be a live example of a nightmare.

As observed earlier it chiefly relies on the selection of an agent or the consultant for the visa processing. There have been numerous examples where people ‘pretending’ to be registered agents have cheated visa aspirants. Frequently these swindlers take the benefit of the needs and requirements of the innocent people. In one of the many cases of fraud, students aspiring to relocate to Australia for higher studies were charged with hefty sum of $20,000 for education and work experience certificates, which later revealed to be mere fake.

Government policies:

In order to avert and prevent such frequent cases, governments of several nations have taken step forward in making the stringent compliance of the immigration laws. In today’s scenario, Australia and New Zealand are some of the countries, which have taken the strict measures in order to curb the immigration fraud. MARA i.e. Migration Agents Registration Authority is a authorized body in Australia which regulates every migration type to Australia and keeps a control over any fraud. According to MARA every person or agency recommending to proffer immigration services are required to get themselves enrolled here, so as to execute their work failing which they can be penalized with the ten year imprisonment.

How to avoid immigration hoax:

Whenever you hire an immigration consultant ensure to take care of things as follows:

  • Research well about the background of the services offered by an agent or the consultancy
    Be cautious of the agents who assure you to give beyond their limits. Avoid all the razzle dazzle the show you or anything which appears too good to be true.
  • Watch out of all those agents who tend to boast their “contacts” or any links with any embassy.
  • Take complete receipt of the money rewarded to agent
  • Verify the cost of the services charged. While every professional charge his fees as per the experience and goodwill in the industry, cross verify and check the fee structure so that one shall not extort your hard-earned money.
  • Try to ensure that the consultant/firm is registered with the accountable bodies for offering the registration to agents.
  • Never get trapped in the fake promise of any agent asking you to submit fake documents for getting the visa.

If you are also looking for the Best Immigration Consultant In Delhi then look no further than They provide with one of the best Immigration Agents in Delhi skilled with all types of visa processing and migrating procedures.

Australia Immigration Under Skilled Independent Visa

The most sought-after visa among the Australian immigrants is Skilled Independent Visa or subclass 189 visa. The Skilled Independent Visa for Australia is for those eligible skilled workers who are neither nominated by any territory or state nor sponsored by a family member or Australian employer. Obtaining this visa totally depends on a point-based system. Once it is obtained, the visa holder and his family members can reside permanently in Australia.

Requirements for Skilled Independent Visa:

To obtain a Skilled Independent Visa for Australia, the applicant must:

1. Have valid certificates of health and character.
2. Doing a job which is present in Skilled Occupation List of Australia.
3. Score at least 60 points in the point-based test. The points are allocated on the profile of the applicant on the basis of the factors such as age, English language proficiency, and work experience.
4. Have scored at least 6 bands in each of the four test components in the IELTS test.
5. Submit an EOI (Expression of Interest) and be invited by the Australian immigration authority to apply.
6. Not be above the age of 45.

Application procedure for Subclass 189 Visa:

1. Through SkillSelect, the applicant must submit an EOI (Expression of Interest).
2. SkillSelect will give rank to the applicant’s profile based on the points he scores.
3. Based on the ranking of the applicant and the places availability for his/her nominated occupation, the applicant will be sent an ITA (invitation to apply) for the visa application.
4. Within 60 days of receiving the invitation, the applicant will have to apply for a visa.
5. The total time for application processing is eight months.

Benefits of Subclass 189 Visa

A Skilled Independent Visa holder and his/her accompanying family members enjoy following benefits:

1. Social security benefits.
2. The right to live and work in Australia permanently.
3. The right to study in Australia from primary school to postgraduate level.
4. Eligible to apply for Australian citizenship [provided they meet all the requirements].
5. Sponsoring a family member to stay permanently or temporarily in Australia.
6. Freedom to travel in and outside Australia as many times within five years after obtaining the visa.
7. Healthcare facilities are being provided by the government at subsidized rates.

Hong Kong Immigration- Best For Qualified Individuals

Hong Kong is an ideal place for those who want to work and live in a different country. Hong Kong is also known as an international financial centre. A large number of Indian nationals apply for Hong Kong immigration every year. In fact, there are many options available for the applicants who want to relocate to Hong Kong.

If an applicant having right skill, qualification and work experience, chances of getting a work visa increases to many folds. In fact, it is the nation that gives full support to the skilled people; it means if you are knowledgeable enough, you can easily get good employment opportunities. To encourage the movement of skilled workers, Hong Kong immigration offers simple migration policies. Contact Hong Kong immigration Consultants in Delhi like WVP International to know more about its immigration policies.

There are several ways available for a skilled worker to get an entry to Hong Kong:

  1. IANG- Immigration Arrangements for Non-local Graduates

An Individual might be eligible to live and work in Hong Kong under this program if he has pursued his education in Hong Kong.

  1. GEP- General Employment Policy

Under this program, an individual might be eligible to settle and work in Hong Kong, if he has completed any of his higher education degrees such as graduation or masters from another country.

  1. QMAS – Quality Migrant Admission Scheme

Highly qualified individuals might be eligible to settle and work in Hong Kong with relevant jobs in their businesses or companies. They get this opportunity of settling in Hong Kong just because of contributing effectively to the country’s economy.

Benefits of Hong Kong Immigration

  • Active contribution to the economy of the country is the biggest benefit of Hong Kong immigration.
  • The affordable standard of living.
  • Hong Kong offers free education to the all the kids of the immigrants.
  • As compared to other countries, obtaining the Hong Kong permanent residency is relatively easy.
  • The skilled worker can easily migrate and work in Hong Kong by applying under its various immigration programs.

Interested individuals can contact WVP, the best Immigration Consultants in Delhi for Hong Kong immigration.